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Making a Good Start

Each organization which aims to provide investment services from Cyprus, must establish an authorized Cypriot investment firm, and pass through an Compliance Assessment process conducted by the securities’ regulator, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”). The Promoter of the application has the pivotal role of guiding through the organization for the better structuring and preparation of its application, and, during the Compliance Assessment process, serves as the liaison between the CySEC and the organization.

Our firm is in position to prepare the full application brief according to the needs of the Client and in line with the regulatory requirements, including the Operations Manual and Key Policies, such as the Anti-Money Laundering the Terrorism Financing Policy, and the Client Acceptance Policy.

We are also able, through our network of affiliated law firms, to provide general legal support, and procure the drafting of the legal agreements necessary for the provision of investment services, including client profiling questionnaires.

Our aim is always to prepare the application in the most complete manner possible so as to minimize Compliance Assessment delays, and assist our Client to build a workable and efficient structure that can effectively meet its present and future needs.

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