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NAP REGULATORY COMPLIANCE SERVICES LTD (“NAP”) has been created having the needs and concerns of the providers of investment services and listed issuers in mind. The majority of the Cypriot Investment Firms (“CIFs”) have been recently licensed and often come across complex issues of regulation and supervision, and listed issuers are faced with ever increasing transparency obligations.  The landscape of the provision of investment services in and from Cyprus is rapidly changing, with the emergence of FX, Automated or Algorithmic Trading, High-Frequency Trading and Binary Trading, between others-developments virtually unknown 10 or even 7 years ago.

NAP, is well placed to provide tailor-made, outsourcing solutions for the compliance function of CIFs and listed issuers in line with the regulatory requirements, and/or provide hands-on, expert advice, not simply on the state of the law, but how can the law be applied on a given situation.  

The lawyers heading our firm, bring a broad perspective and hands-on approach to advising clients, with years of experience and valuable practice gained in working for the securities regulator in Cyprus (CySEC), in in-house legal and compliance positions, advising on CIFs’ and issuers’ compliance and in complex regulatory and transactional matters and appearing in private sector litigation pertaining to the provision of investment services and the capital markets. Our lawyers have kept abreast of the latest developments in the provision of investment services, and the solutions we offer match the nature, scale and complexity of the particular characteristics of the facilities offered by each Investment Firm.

Simply put, our services are not based on a textbook approach, but on years of valuable practice and specialized experience gained from effectively handling real life situations and compliance issues in Cyprus.


What sets' us apart

Depth of Insight

The combined, real-life, hands-on experience and depth of insight of the lawyers heading our firm, render NAP a most valuable ally in the core capabilities that are critical to helping firms that operate in the financial services sector, to best manage emerging and continuing regulatory and compliance obligations and challenges. See a brief CV of our lawyers overleaf.


Our services may be engaged based on retainer or on a case-by-case basis, according to client needs and demands of the case at hand, and we welcome queries for the design of tailor-made solutions.

Strategic Alliances

Through our network of affiliated, high-caliber firms, we can provide complete audit (internal and external), legal, secretarial and logistics support services and solutions.

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